Planeta Ka: A Theatre for Under 3s

London is a goldmine of world class musicals and theatres. We used to go to theatres once every month. But all that changed after Arshan was born. Almost all theatres don’t allow small children and some very limited ones allow over 5s. So obviously we are no longer able to attend these wonderful shows. So when an email landed in my inbox with the message of a theatre show specifically for under 3s, I bought tickets immediately. The ticket price is very reasonable £10 and that allows entry for two adults and one child.  The show is called Planet Ka and “offers children the chance to discover a new environment using sound, textures and visual effects. There are secret spaces to hide, slopes to climb and places to jump and slide. ” The show is about 45 minutes long where in the first 15 minutes the single cast member explores the environment. I particularly liked the way she introduced the different environment and texture of the land, like where to jump and where to feel. In the next 30 minutes you and your child are free to explore the environment for yourself. It was great to see other families with children enjoy the show. It was particularly great as we were quite relaxed and didn’t have to worry if Arshan screamed or cried as everyone around us were parents of under 3s. There is also a soft play area just outside the gallery in the building where your child can play before and/or after the show. I would heavily recommend it to anyone with under 3 year olds who can at least crawl. A lot of the shows have sold out so if you are interested in going buy tickets NOW! I had never heard of Unicorn theatre before this but I am very happy that such a theatre exists for young children. If it’s a sunny day, then I suggest you walk to Tower Bridge/Scoop London and enjoy some sunshine afterwards.


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