Red Fort: Wonderful Indian Dining

Great Indian food, not so family friendly.

9 Food
9 Ambience
9 Service
7 Cost
10 Portion
1 Family Friendliness

The Red Fort is a perfect example of a fine Indian dining establishment. The food and ambience is absolutely great! When we first arrived we were welcomed with a aromatic smell of fine Indian food that tickled our nostrils. We immediately knew we came to the right place! Our booking was for 7PM and when we arrived the restaurant was a bit empty. But by the time it was 8PM, it was completely full and had a lively vibe about it! We ordered Welsh Lamb Biryani, slow cooked Scottish lamb shank and Saffron rice, For starters we ordered spiced king prawns in a crispy batter and Seekh Kebab and for drinks a non alcoholic cocktail. The food arrived VERY quickly. We were kind of amazed that it was so quick. The food tasted absolutely great! This is one of the very few restaurant in London where the food tasted authentic Indian, not watered down for Western taste. The portion sizes were very very generous (although it is not exactly a cheap restaurant) and the presentation of food was also great. The cocktail was absolutely perfect! We loved every dish and soon we were full and very content. The only reason this restaurant has received a 8 star instead of 10 from me is because when I asked for a highchair for my child they said they didn’t have any! What? A restaurant in London without a single high chair?

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