Bodnant Garden: A plant heaven

Bodnant Garden is a massive 80-acre garden located in Conwy, Wales. It is absolutely huge and contains a vast array of plant specimen. This garden is so huge you can actually get lost. We loved seeing so many plant life. The garden also seems to be in the middle of a small mountain so be prepared to go up and down. This might be a little tricky if you are pushing a buggy. At one point while going up a slope path we found steps and we were forced to carry the buggy up the stairs. Step free signs were missing for the various paths. Make no mistake that this is a wonderful garden and I will go back there any day and I highly recommend it. I just wish the paths were clearly marked. There is also a nice house but you can’t go inside. We could see a cabin which was probably a cafe a bit further but we didn’t venture there. There is also a small artificial (I think) stream. Overall this is a great place for a day out with the family. Entry is free with National Trust membership.

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